Full Suite of Brokerage Services Volatility Swaps, Correlation Swaps, Delta Hedging & Bonds

Our inter-dealer broking (IDB) services facilitate wholesale over-the-counter (OTC) hedging transactions between market makers and the investment bank trading desks – mitigating risks from the structured products they issue. The risks arising from these complex transactions can be decomposed into volatility, correlation and market direction (delta).

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Immersed in the Markets Strong Relationships with Leading Investment Banks

Being active on the ground enables us to stay informed with what’s happening in the market, when and where. We’re able to accurately gauge technical capabilities, understand current views on volatility and risk appetite, compile knowledge of global markets… and ultimately offer our clients the most appropriate and relevant solutions.

Collective Insights Preparing Clients for Changing Market Conditions

Collating insights from various sources and using our experience to interpret what’s happening, we’re able to quickly identify new trends, structures, payoffs, asset class performance and relationships between various asset classes – sharing insights with our clients and helping prepare for changing market conditions.